Sunday, August 9, 2009

Spiritual origin of life and gods!

In my teenage in 1979, I came across an enlightening thought revealing that the universe is constituted of two invisible spiritual clouds. One of the clouds represent the Noble Spirit and the other the Evil Spirit. The Noble Spirit cloud is also known as noble soul or aatman and is purely sacred and source of all creations. The Evil Spirit is unholy kind of evil designed force which try to undo and harm the noble creations of Noble Spirit. The Noble spirit, i.e good spirit make all attempts to protect its creations from evil impact and unholy acts of the evil spirit.
As per my original thought the man is mostly constituted of noble spirit and is always being haunted by Evil spirit for luring him into committing evil acts. The evil spirit cast its evil effect on the spirit/soul of many ill inspired gullible minds to make them commit sinful acts.
The Noble spirit creates noble living beings by utilising life supportive matter and conditions wherever it is available in the universe. The Evil spirit doesnot want creation of noble living beings and tries to create problems for the Noble Spirit and its noble creations. The Noble Spirit, however, carry on its creation by releasing noble particles (which are always linked/tied to the main supreme body of Noble Spirit cloud) to form life with the life supporting noble matter in the universe. The Evil Spirit also continues with its destructive actions restlessly and hover around noble creations to trap in its evil clutch. It, however, is succesful in casting its ill impact on minds and body.
Impact of the evil spirit on noble souls/spirits during creation process i.e in the course of formation of different forms of life impacts the forms and features of the creatures. Creatures with greater ammount of pure noble spirit get the superior form of life like angels and man and those under greater influence of evil spirit transform into less advanced forms of life such as animals and other creatures. It is the impact of the evil spirit that many creatures acquire jaws, paws, horns, etc, (mostly as an impact of violent instincts acquired from Evil Spirit) giving birth to different type of wild/stray animals, insects, birds etc. The best form of life is life in human form which may also be degraded and transformed into animals and other forms of life depending upon the duration, magnitude and sphere of influence of the Evil Spirit on an individual. The soul of those creatures which are under full control of Evil Spirit are encaged as Ghosts etc. and badly tortured by Evil Spirit.
A mind with overwhelming evil thoughts is often overloaded with Evil spirit which take its soul in its part or full control.When under full control of Evil spirit, the soul/spirit of the creatures is transformed into ghost form and subjected to tormentation and burning by Evil Spirit till it is liberated by the Noble spirit. The Noble Spirit makes all attempts to get the evil influenced trapped souls liberated from the clutches of the Evil Spirit.
The Noble Spirit cloud when cent percent pure, is God. When it is purely Evil spirit, it is devil, demon etc. etc. Man when in pure Noble Spirit, is similar to God, but it is very difficult for man and even fatal to have cent percent pure Noble Spirit, therefore, at least some impurity is always there even in angels,gods, sages etc. The higher level of purity of spirit/soul give birth to angels, gods etc.
[* This blog is based upon my memory as the original written thought is missing. I have tried my best to recollect my memories. This thought was surprisingly followed by a very brief sudden lightening like flash when I finished with it. I was bit frightened when I realised myself cought up in this brief flash of light when I woke up from the thought position.*

Earlier explaination to some queries made on other forums
This thought of mine is not based upon yin/yan theory because at that age of 18 + I was unaware of any such theory.Some of clarifications given by me in this regard elsewhere on some other forum are reproduced below;

"This theory seems to contradict Darwin's theory of evolution which was based on the fossil remains of mortals. But going along the lines of religious faiths for a while, one may be required to study the fossil remains of the immortals if any. The Noble Spirit is 100 percent flexible to explain anything from cells, bacteria to elephants and whales etc. The noble spirit cloud is systematically based on definite laws and principles whereas the evil spirit cloud has no definite laws, principles and rules and always acts against the noble spirit. This also does not suggest cruelty against animals as these also constitute a major part as Noble Spirit except some evil spirit which resulted in the evolution of horns, jaws, paws etc. Otherwise animals are connected with the Noble Spirit cloud and all his creations at least spiritually. This is probably due to this common bond that humans have sympathetic and generous attitude towards all forms of life. The concept of noble and evil spirit is not similar to Yin-yang theory. For example leader and follower are considered to be opposite to each other in yin/yang theory. The Noble Spirit theory however does not consider them as mutually opposite to each other. Many of examples of yin-yan frame such as 'day is opposite to night' are not acceptable to Noble spirit theory. In fact these are the frames of noble limits and not the opposites. Noble spirit can adjust itself in all the situations but the evil spirit is found to averse to adjustments and creates problems and disturb the well balanced system. As against yin/yang theory day is not the cause to bring night,anger + noble spirit = forgiveness,a + noble spirit = leader (a ) and b + noble spirit = follower, a + evil spirit = tyranny and b + evil spirit = disobedience or rebellion on part of b, etc. etc. Everything else can be explained on above lines. Physical changes are mostly movement of the things along noble limits and anything in excess of those noble limits may be a cause of concern as it may involve disturbances caused by evil spirit. The Super Noble Spirit i.e God can very well manage any such mischief on part of evil spirit but man has been given some degree of autonomy to cope with problems with in his bounds. The first thing for a man is to insulate himself against any encroachment on his noble person caused by evil spirit. The Yin/Yang theory assumes that everything in this world has an opposite. Each thing depends upon its opposites to exist. Yin and Yang are complementary to each other and there exist no antagonism between opposites in nature. Antagonistic relationship between opposites results in destruction. The concept of the Noble and Evil Spirit also suggest antagonistic and destructive role on part of Evil spirit but consider always a constructive role of Noble Spirit. The Noble Spirit does not depend upon Evil Spirit to exist because it is permanently based on noble laws/principles. It is the noble instincts generated by Noble Spirit that results in complementing cooperation. With the influence of evil spirit the noble cooperative system get divided into mutually antagonistic groups and degeneration starts. The Yin/Yang theory seems to partly touch upon the involved issues. The Yin/Yang theory, surprisingly, assumes that there can be nothing pure or absolute Yin and yang does not exist. The concept of Noble spirit however assumes that it is the 100 percent pure Noble Spirit which is the basis of existence of anything. The unbalanced and law less evil spirit is the cause of degradation, depreciation and degeneration. The games are played with game spirit for the pleasure, recreation and exercise of a good spirit but destructive games always result in destruction and sufferings of soul. "